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Design Philosophy.

My design philosophy can be summed up in three words: warmth, simplicity, and connection. You’ll find these elements present in all my work.


I use organic shapes and natural materials to evoke a sense of warmth in all my designs. I strive to create pieces that are inviting and approachable. I want people to place their mug on a coffee table and admire its form, to sit at a desk and feel a sense of belonging, to turn on a lamp and feel immediately at ease. I want my furniture to be used, enjoyed, and admired, not left to gather dust in the corner of a room.


At the beginning of my creative process, I pour all my ideas onto paper and push the design as far as it can possibly go; inspiration, play and refine. I slowly pare back the design until only the essential elements are left. Just enough detail, character, and charm. Nothing superfluous. Simplicity and understated elegance.


I strive to create pieces that connect people with nature. I like to bring an element of the natural world into people’s interior spaces through the materials I choose and the shapes I use. I incorporate sustainable materials wherever possible and design each piece for longevity. All my designs are made to last.