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Robyn Wood is a designer/maker of furniture and objects, based at The Mill, Adelaide.

She studied and practiced as a teacher, but her passion for design won out and she returned to study in the field.

She has a Bachelor of Design–Interior Design, University of South Australia.

She has worked for an Australian joinery firm, during which time she was involved in a project for embassy residences in Paris for three years. She has also worked as an interior designer on commercial and government projects.

Over the past four years she has developed and produced one-off pieces and small production runs, which were launched at Bowerbird in 2014. Her work will be showcased at Bowerbird, Adelaide and the Big Design Market, Melbourne in 2018.


She is undertaking mentorships with two traditional woodworkers, learning techniques in both the use of hand tools and traditional joinery.

She is working on a new collection of furniture and objects developed for production.