Photograph by James Knowler and courtesy of Brand South Australia

Photograph by James Knowler and courtesy of Brand South Australia



I founded Robyn Wood design studio in 2014 after a 20-year career in interior architecture. But my interest in furniture and design began much earlier…

It was Paris, 1995. 15th arrondissement. I was overseeing moving furniture out of an Embassy apartment complex as part of an interior fit out. But this wasn’t just any furniture – it was mid-20th century. Timeless. Elegant. Iconic. Built to last. It was beautiful.

In the years that followed, my appreciation for beautiful furniture slowly bloomed into a vocation, and now here I am: designing and making furniture and bespoke objects for architects, galleries, and lovers of good design throughout Australia.

Along the way, I also married a Mr. Wood – how is that for serendipity? My designs extend far beyond wood, though; I use a wide range of materials in my work.

I want my design to make people feel the same emotions as that furniture in Paris evoked in me. Warmth. Admiration. Connection. I believe furniture should do more than take up space. It should make a statement, spark a conversation. If my designs encourage you to pause and connect, I know I’ve done service to my profession, and to all the designers and makers who went before me – in Paris and throughout the world.

I work from my studio and workshop in Adelaide and collaborate with incredible artists, makers, and suppliers throughout Australia. I accept commissions from architects, galleries, designers, manufacturers, and anyone looking for high-quality, sustainable designer furniture.

I look forward to hearing from you.